You have beautiful eyes

I went to the market in the Ttio neighborhood of Cusco yesterday, just the middle child and I. Our 3 year old is the one with kaleidoscope eyes: depending on the light (or her mood?) the color of her eyes changes from green to honey to steel blue.

Almost all Cusqueñans have dark or brown eyes but they have a big thing for light colored eyes. When I pulled out of the parking lot, the parking lot attendant took my S/.1 parking fee and said:

“You have such beautiful eyes!”

Sort of looking from afar at my daughter in the back seat she continued:

“But your kid doesn’t.”

Me: “Errghh, thanks, I think?”

Then the parking lot attendant stuck her head all the way in the car to get a closer look at my daughter.

“Oh yeah, she does too!”

I hit the gas and got out of there never to go back again. If you have light colored eyes, consider yourself warned.

3 thoughts on “You have beautiful eyes

  1. My first boy did not inherit my blue eyes, but the daughter did. I’m thinking of getting a water cannon to keep the Peruvian boys away from the house.

      • We’ll be on the defensive against all boys. But Latin Americans in particular covet the blue eyes, hence the water cannon. Don’t know if I’ll need it when visiting the States 🙂

        When’s yours due?

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