You have beautiful eyes

I went to the market in the Ttio neighborhood of Cusco yesterday, just the middle child and I. Our 3 year old is the one with kaleidoscope eyes: depending on the light (or her mood?) the color of her eyes changes from green to honey to steel blue.

Almost all Cusqueñans have dark or brown eyes but they have a big thing for light colored eyes. When I pulled out of the parking lot, the parking lot attendant took my S/.1 parking fee and said:

“You have such beautiful eyes!”

Sort of looking from afar at my daughter in the back seat she continued:

“But your kid doesn’t.”

Me: “Errghh, thanks, I think?”

Then the parking lot attendant stuck her head all the way in the car to get a closer look at my daughter.

“Oh yeah, she does too!”

I hit the gas and got out of there never to go back again. If you have light colored eyes, consider yourself warned.

The girl with kaleidoscope eyes

Today’s the first day back to school after the 2 week “winter vacation” of the schools here in Peru. The “winter vacation” coincides with the Fiestas Patrias (national holiday) the end of July. After two weeks of sleeping in, our Brianna wasn’t ready to wake up on time for school this morning but papi knew just what to do. For some reason Brianna has been totally enamored with the Beatles’ song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” so when papi was checking his early morning emails (and that pesky CSRF_TOKEN that keeps appearing on my work but that’s another story) I cranked up the volume on my laptop and hit “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” in iTunes.

Listo, Brianna wakes up, goes of to jardin and papi now has 4 blessed hours of peace and quiet in the house! Thank God and Profe Shirley!!!

Anyway, our Brianna is NOT the girl with kaleidoscope eyes. She has beautiful big brown eyes just like almost all the Cusqueñas. When Brianna was born some of Patricia’s friends and family could barely hide their disappointment that she wasn’t a blonde blue-eyed baby. They just expect any gringo baby to be that way. I may be tall and sexy but I’m not blonde blue-eyed myself so I don’t get why they expected my baby to be that way 😉

However, our second baby, Claire Josephine, was born with blue-ish eyes like her papucho. Most of the time the baby’s eyes are blue-ish gray-ish like mine but sometimes they appear more green or beige. Heck I’m a middle-aged white guy I don’t know more than 6 or 8 basic colors (fuchsia what’s that?) but the baby’s eyes are some undefined blue-ish color. Even on an RGB color chart I couldn’t nail down the exact color. Our baby’s eye color changes with the light or her moods I don’t know but she really has the kaleidoscope eyes like the little girl who John Lennon said inspired him to write the song. (the drug references are supposed to be secondary)

The point of this rant on colors is that people in Cuzco treat my baby like a goddess because of her eye color. Very few Cusqueños have light or blue colored eyes and whenever they see somebody who does have blue eyes, in the view of your average Cusqueñian, the blue or green eyes define that entire person, that person is better and more beautiful than any other. Almost to the point that it annoys me, like my oldest daughter is OK no mas but the one really came out good is the baby with the blue eyes.

People stop me in the street to check the color of my baby’s eyes. I was at the market the other day with the baby in the stroller when two teenage girls stopped me:

“Sir, please stop, wait one moment.”

They said it in a very serious voice like perhaps my baby was getting ready to fall out of her stroller or something. I stopped to check the baby but one of the girls stuck her face in the stroller and with a look of approval turned to her friend “Yes she’s got blue eyes.”


Our beautiful baby girls 🙂

girl with kaleidoscope eyes

The girl with kaleidoscope eyes

UPDATE: Kind reader Kristin passed along this link about genetics of eye color: How blue eyed parents can have brown eyed children.