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View from Machu Picchu, Peru

View from Machu Picchu, Peru

Read the story about 2 tickets to Lynyrd Skynyrd, love over gold, and our move to the beautiful city of Cusco, Peru.

Ward Welvaert & Patricia Carrasco
Cusco, Peru
contact: ward DOT welvaert AT gmail DOT com

19 thoughts on “About us

  1. hi WARD …
    i am blanca of i12 i like your blog because you are very funny of the class , i would like that you learn more about of my culture and speak better espanish kisses blanca

  2. I leave a comment about Cusco City. I had seen that many people visited Cusco – Peru but they didn´t respect our city, They threw garbage. They talked bad about Cusco.I said WHat´s the problem about Cusco. why people came to Cusco after they are going to complain about Cusco. Also Iwant to leave a comment aboout his baby teacher I want to say somenthing. It´s somenthing very nice. Congratulations teacher. You take care of your baby. for me when a baby be born or when it take place that chrismas time.excuseme my English teacher good bye. good luck. bye.

  3. Hi Ward;

    A few questions. I’m going to be retiring to Peru soon. I was thinking of teaching English there at ICPNA and I was wondering if you can give me some insight about the pay scale there. I know you spoke highly of the school that’s why I thought I’d ask you. Feel free to answer to my email.


  4. Ward, I came accross your blog while looking for something to do in Lima over the weekend. I am headed for Camisea to work on behalf of GE/Nuovo Pignone but must wait 3 more days here in Lima. Enjoyed the story about meeting your wife over a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert tickets. I am a big fan of Sknyrd. You never said how the concert was (only important to a fan). I met my wife, Takae in a similar manner in Japan. We now have a 4 and a half year old daugter who is bilingual. Anyway, how was the concert?

  5. Hi!
    My name is Mario Budal… well actually Ketil Mario Budal (but friends just call me Mario). I am 25 year old botanist from Norway. I am coming to Peru in 5 days now(!!!), and I don’t have all the money in the world, but I have saved up a little bit, and I am betting my life on that everything will work out just fine in this country. No insurance and no return ticket. So it’s ballsy, to say the least. But I will be working with volunteer work for the first period of time and work on my Spanish. I’m hoping I can land a real job in the long run. What are your thoughts on that, and how easy/hard do you think it will be?
    I have a few insights into the country already, but making connections is my main priority even so, so here I am introducing myself to you. And incidentally you are a business consultant : ) The reason i came over your sight is actually because I searched the words Peru and Pitbull… because on my journeys I would love a companion and safe protector where I presume only the image of this race will scare away petty thievery. I have also lived with a pitbull for a while, so I know the race and LOVE this race aswell. If you have any thoughts about that, please do tell.

    Do you have any clue as to prices for these kinds of dogs in Peru, or any other information about this subject?

    I will also be volunteering at a shelter for homeless dogs, so I guess I will find out a thing or two there.

    Mario Budal

  6. Hi
    my name is Viviane and I am from Germany. I just landed on your site by accident and I wanted to leave a comment here. My father is german but my mother is peruvian. I don’t have a cool quechua name though 😀 I think her patriotism wasn’t big enough for that. My mom moved to germany when she was 20. She got a scholarship to a univerity here in germany where she meet my dad. So she stayed here. She told me that she just wanted to go out of Peru and see something else, more and start a career. Now her daughter starts to be the same with the difference that Peru is the “something else” she wants to see 🙂 Me and my family came to visit peru many many times (of course i have family there) often enough to see this country as a sort of second home. but not often enough to see peru as common and naturally as I see germany where i have been my whole life.
    When I read that you want to raise your daughter in Peru I tought about how different my life would be if my parents would have decided the same. I love my homecountry(I truely do)but I really don’t feel full german. Soooo I plan to go to Peru and live a year there and maybe teach in a kindergarten somewhere near cusco (??)before I go to Univerity (I still don’t know what to study, so I thought it would be a good opportunity – by the way I am 17 =D). My mother is always supportive when it means to visit my family and to improve my spanish …but when she hears that I want to work in Peru for a certain amount of time she rolls her eyes 😀 She knows peru the best but sometimes I wonder how she can despite that not see the beauty of her country. Well I think it is also part of her nature…she was always more a city girl unlike me 😉
    Greetings and I wish you a lot of luck with your daughter!!

  7. Viviane,

    It sort of drives me crazy when Peruvians say “si o si quiero salir del pais”. I imagine Peru was very different 20 years ago, but now it really is a nice place to live. There are still a lot of challenges, but a lot of opportunities as well.

    I wish you the best of luck and when you’re in Cusco drop us a message.

  8. I was reading the experience you had to get your Carne de Extranjeria, I have a business where we are dedicated to making these formalities and if you want you can contact me for further paperwork or if you know of some people who need these services only contact me Have a nice day.

  9. i will like to know more Peru coz i have peru visa with me and i will like to travel for Christmas to Peru i will like to stay in Lima and i will like to know little about Lima,Peru maybe i can get a job there for the couple of month am going to use there,i will also like to know maybe i can be grant there resident permit for just 2 years and what will be the procedure for that i will be happy if you can help me and give me real answer to all this question before i travel

  10. Boy, you are one smart person. I would love to do ESL in S. America someday…I spent my childhood perusing every ruin in south & central America – uncle lived in Antigua! You take on economics is bold…! The Dow will be below 4,000 by 3/1/12…I’m a Algorithmic preditionary Computer Modeling guy. We are in the ‘dead cat bounce; phase of the worst depression in history. The bad part? In the US we have tons of people living below the poverty line in Urban Centers (Philly: 62%), and therein are gangs with lots of Guns…and the police forces used to quell Urban Unrest? The National Guard & The Reserves…which are all overseas. Bummer.

  11. Hi congratulation in everything you’ve had done in Peru! Peruvian people are very sweet and warm.I miss them a lot I live in Houston,Texas but i grew up in Peru. Now I Would like to work at ICPNA teaching english..so do you think is easy, what are the requirements what would should help me to work as a teacher in ICPNA.

  12. Hello!
    I am a fellow teacher living in Florida looking to relocate to Peru to teach for while. Any ideas/suggestions? My husband and I are looking to begin our travels next February (2013) THANK YOU!!!

  13. Congratulations on a great website guys! We visited Peru and Cusco in 2010 and will be returning at Christmas for a couple of months and cant wait! Ceviche and Pisco sours here we come!

  14. Hi, congratulations on the blog, always read. I tried to contact you by other means, but I could not, so I write because I’m Immigration lawyer in Trujillo, and I want to put my address and telephone number in the sidebar of your blog for expatriates who need legal help, and that living in Trujillo. Whatever the answer to abogadope@yahoo.es let me know, thanks for your time!

    Edgar Ramos

  15. Hallo Ward! Ik hoop dat je nog nederlands kan? anders zal je google translate moeten gebruiken 😉 Ik vertrek op 4 augustus met AFS voor een jaar naar Peru. Ik was al eens wat aan het rondkijken op het internet en zo ben ik op deze geweldige blog terechtgekomen! De verhalen die je vertelt over jezelf en over Peru zijn prachtig om te lezen. Het zorgt ervoor dat ik bijna niet meer kan wachten tot ik het zelf allemaal kan ervaren.
    Je blog is fantastisch, doe vooral zo verder!!
    Groetjes vanuit België,
    Billie De Backer

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