Consulting, CIS, aviation

This month I’m going to take a big leap of faith and finally start my own business down here in beautiful Cusco, Peru. I have a lot more inspiration than money – but that’s never stopped me before. If all I wanted was a comfy job somewhere I would have stayed with GE…

Speaking of corporate America, watching what is happening in the US tempts me to seek consulting work back in the corporate world. I always felt that some corporate culture in the US dangerously drove people to fudging their numbers. I often had the outside opinion on a lot of issues, which typically got rejected quickly because we all stayed inside a certain comfort zone. I don’t claim to have a silver bullet, but at the same time all the big shot bankers and corporate executives that are now making excuses are the same people who led their companies down the primrose path of self-destruction in the first place.

Ward Welvaert

turnaround consulting
aviation/airline consulting
CIS applications

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