Visit to Copacabana, Bolivia!

We had some trouble getting back from La Paz to Cusco due to the transportation strike in Cusco last week, so we spent a day in Copacabana waiting for the next bus back to Cusco. In my opinion this was the best part of our trip to Bolivia. Copacabana is a touristy spot on lake Titicaca, with fantastic scenery and a lot of laid-back little bars and cafes. We took a nice boat trip on lake Titicaca and visited the “Isla del Sol” where you have great views of the lake and surrounding mountains. The same afternoon we crossed the border back into Peru and took the bus back to Cusco…

– Ward Welvaert

4 thoughts on “Visit to Copacabana, Bolivia!

  1. hi teacher hey your dogs are really sweet , i like all kind of dogs and your dogs are really nice and vain je!! i red your coment about the life in peru and i”m agree with you about teh complain that you have of the personal life here in their jobs i think taht peru is a country that have a lot of time to for to be a big city so i wait that you have a good experience in this days

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