Dual nationality mutts.

Roxy and Manchita were strays that decided to move in with us in NC. Roxy is some type of Jack Russell mix and Manchi looks like a blue Pitbull mix. Being that they are extremely attached to us, and they’re good dogs, we decided to move them to Peru with us. That was actually a pretty easy process: pay the vet in NC, the state of NC, the airlines, the Peruvian department of agriculture, and about $500 later we were happily moved to Peru. The best part of the trip for them was when they got to stay at the Sheraton Miami because our flight, which was supposed to leave at midnight, was delayed for 7+ hours. With time to spare, travel by air, ruff!!

Manchita got sick a month or so after moving to Cusco. Might have been the altitude (10,300 ft) or climate that she had to get used to. Either way, Patricia put this cute sweater on her for a while after that!

Manchita in sweater.

Roxy, in our bed.

Update: see the comments for additional info on how to move dogs from the US to Peru.

10 thoughts on “Dual nationality mutts.

  1. Hi teacher…i really like your dogs they are so cute, and their names are beautiful. I think you really love your pets because you alow them to sleep on your bed…the question is: does your wife like it?…jajaja.Lía.

  2. Hi teacher well I like pets but my favorite pets are the dogs, I think dogs are friends our, I believe that you are very happy with your dogs for which having had a dog is like a member of the family.

  3. Hi teacher ………… how are you???????????? I hope that you have a nice day´s in cusco with your pets I bealive that you have more experiance with your dogs in cusco you see very happy in the picture …………………….. good luck teacher in your live


  4. hi teacher! how are you? i’m writing this coment with my best friend gabriela.. well i want to say you that your dog is very beautiful! is so cute! i love your dog! 🙂 i hope that you have a nice days in cusco.. there is a city very wonderful.. good luck! and i have to go out.. bye!

  5. Since I’ve had a few questions about this, here’s a little more information about bringing dogs from the US to Peru. The official requirements are posted on this consulate web page:


    Basically I went to our regular vet to obtain a “United States Interstate and International Certificate of Health examination for Small Animals”. Our regular vet knew what this is, and just did a regular checkup, vaccinations, etc. Then I took this certificate to the local USDA office, in our case in Raleigh, NC.

    We flew on LAN, all I had to do there was call and make a space request for the mutts, and pay the extra fee. I was told by my vet NOT TO GIVE ANY SEDATION. This worked out great, the dogs didn’t mind the flight at all, even though it was their first time on an airplane.

    All in all the trip was very uneventful. In Miami the security personnel physically checked inside their crates, and then the dogs went on to the belly of the plane. In Lima I received the dogs along with the luggage, and the Peruvian customs/dept of agriculture is also right in the same hall where I picked up the dogs. Then I dropped them of again at the counter for the flight to Cusco.

    Hope this helps someone else. Keep in mind our trip was in August 2007, so verify the latest and greatest requirements.

  6. One final thought: On Manchita’s paperwork we filled in her breed as “Blue Pit mix” and I had no trouble at all during any of the flights. I had been told some airlines balk at taking Pits, but we had no issues at all. Gracias a LAN!!!

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  9. Yours is the first post I found about someone transporting their pets to peru into a city other than Lima. I was hoping then that you could answer some additional questions.
    1) Did you have to overstay in Lima at all and if so where?
    2) How did you transport your dogs from the airport in Lima (or Cusco) to your hotel (accomodations)?
    3) I’m assuming you flew to Cusco with your dogs. Any trouble on LAN getting them there (smaller planes).
    4) Any initial problems with Altitude Sickness for the dogs? How did you treat Manchita?
    5) Any problems with them adapting to drinking the water, change of diet?

    Thanks so much,

  10. Thanks for stopping by Lillian. I’m not positive but it could very well be our dogs are the only 2 gringa mutts here in Cusco.

    1) We changed planes in Lima, so the dogs never left the airport there.
    2) We put the crates in a taxi.
    3) LAN flies A319s to Cusco, there’s plenty of belly space to put dog crates in.
    4) The dogs were fine from the minute they left the airplane. True to form, Roxi pretty much acted like she owned the entire town of Cusco. I never found out exactly what ailed Manchita, seemed like a cold or flu. The vet gave her some shots and she got all better.
    5) The water in Cusco is not drinkable. We boil our water and give that to the dogs as well. You can buy various brands of dogfood here, up to “Pedigree” and “Eukanuba”. We give ours the local brands and they seem to do just fine.

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