Things you get used to.

After living in Peru for awhile I got used to doing the laundry by hand, not having hot water, my own car or things of that nature. In most houses here there’s no heat, and at night it gets cold up here in the mountains. But it’s easy to stay warm under some nice Alpaca blankets. One of these days I intend to start an export business of Alpaca and cotton goods, but that’s another story.

– Ward Welvaert

2 thoughts on “Things you get used to.

  1. Hi, Ward:
    I’m peruvian, more exactly cusquenian and I love my country. I should do the laundry by hand like you and there are many people do that. I enjoy “to waste” my time helping my wife with the household chores. In a country where male chauvinism is an outstanding characterist it’s nice to meet someone who hasn’t changed yet.
    On the other hand I’m an English beginner and I dissapointed with you because you have time for intermediate o advanced students, but how about basic students?
    We need to practice more and your blog is the best way for increasing every day. I almost alywas read it and I wait your support with my reply.
    Otis (B07)

  2. Otis,

    Thanks for your comment and thanks for reading my blog. I agree with you that gender roles are very strong here in Cusco, but like you I enjoy helping around the house.

    I have to admit I haven’t taught many basic students because my Spanish isn’t very good, but I’m working on that. On the other hand, I just finished creating a new blog for all the ICPNA Cusco teachers, so hopefully we will start using the blog for more classes.

    Thanks for your feedback!


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