How we got here…

Once upon a time, a Peruvian girl met a Belgian guy in an Irish bar in North Carolina.  It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but it was the best thing ever happened to me.  Patricia and I met when she was an au-pair in NC and I was still working for GE in Durham.  Now we live in Cusco, Peru, where Patricia is finishing her degree and I am working as an independent consultant.


16 thoughts on “How we got here…

  1. teacher WARD is the best person that i meet.
    he is responsable with his work,and he is very funny and persisted person.
    when we have thoubles in english class, teacher Ward is always there.

  2. Hi teacher Ward, How are you, i hope you are fine with your beatiful wife, she is very pretty and beatiful, and say hello, well teacher I hope my extrapoint for my exam, bye teacher bye bye bye

  3. teacher you are the best teacher of icpna.
    i wish that you can learn spanish soon see yoyu teacher

  4. teacher ward actually you are not the best teacher but you are a great teacher .i wish you had your turist agency soon butfor it you have to learn spanish . pleasei want to pass io8 teacher see you mañana..

  5. hello teacher ward, I would like first to congratulate him on his website it is very interesting. teacher, you are a very good person and the best teacher, and also hope that very soon you may speak Spanish. never change and I wish that you can fulfill all your goals. And I´m thankful for all things that you toucht.

  6. Hi teacher Ward i think it’s really beautiful that people interchange cultures, Peru is a beautiful country there are many places to visit as you know, i hope you enjoy all of them.

  7. hello teacher ward congratulations for your wife is peruvian and she is pretty and your welcome to cusco …thanks so much for you are my teacher

  8. hi teacher Ward! you’re the best teacher.. i learn a lot of things about yourself, i want be like you and sory if i talk all the time in the class but i learn very well the english with you.. thanks for all..

  9. hello teacher ward i think that you are one of the best teacher at icpna because you teach very good english and also your type of teach is really good your clases arent bored.i hope that the next month you teach me one more time .your web is really interesting and very funny but you have to put more photos.
    Cusco is beautiful you have to visit many places like Saylla ,Tipon ,Urubamba,Paucartambo and also visit the museums there a re a lot of musemus .and the food mmmmmm are very delicius like cuy ,chicharron , cuy cactado ,lechon ,tamal.
    dont forget to go to mama africa .i try everyday to learn english and with you is really easy bye teacher ward.:)

  10. hello teacher well I’m going to write about leaving here in Cusco the best city of de world well now… living in other country is a nice expirience because you can improve your personality and check your values, how to make friends from diferent cultures or only to visit the monumental places that are here but the things that really are the best is the kind of people that are the cusqueños well there some things that the foregin people come here no¿? bye teacher you are the best teacher of the world

  11. hi teacher ward my name is david IO6 student
    I am pleased having one of the best teacher because you are very friendly, i like me your style to teach, you have a beautiful family and nice dogs; your website is very interesting , i recommended to visit paucartambo you will feel very excited and appalled
    i want to do again IO6 but i know that you pass me to IO7
    BYE ,BYE

  12. hello teacher you have a great web page and i thing that if tourits know about this web page they will want to go to mama africa jajaja. I hope that you will be my teacher again.

    BYE BYE BYE teacher Ward.
    Manuel IO6’s studebt

  13. Hi teacher How atr you¿?¿?¿ now Winnie, Mirelia and I missed you a lot, You are the best teacher of all the ICPNA, Please techer don’t forget us becouse we’ll never forget you bye teacher

  14. Hello! I went to Cuzco last December-January (I was there for New Year’s and it was awesome!)… I was there for 2 weeks and I loved it! As a matter of fact, I fell in love with Cuzco and here I am one year later and I am still dreaming of how wonderful it was. So I googled “work in Peru” because I have a far-fetched dream (I am still an undergrad) that I am going to move to Peru and work there and live there and find my husband and be sooo happy lol…. Anyways I am fascinated by your whole site, I think it’s amazing how you’ve transitioned to living there. Best of luck and feel free to write…
    —(a Peruvian at heart) Christine

  15. Wow, Ward, you have your own fan club going! You sound like a great guy. Congrats on your carné, but remember, DIGEMIN again in 12 months for the renewal, and you have your tax to pay for 2009 in just a couple of months. Yep, twice in one year. Every year. Enjoy your never ending visits to immigrations, I know I do.

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