Don’t come to Cusco today or tomorrow

There’s a big strike in the entire Cusco region today, July 12, and tomorrow as well. Roads are blocked, transportation is largely shut down, most business are closed or operating in limited capacity. I believe the reason for the strike is to demand the start of construction of the “new” airport in Chincheros, which on a scale of stupidity 1 to 10 is about a 400. If PPK had a spine, he’d cancel the entire Chincheros airport concession contract and start over.

In fact, at risk of incurring the collective wrath of the internet and Peru at large, I think this might be the first post in a series as to why you should not come to Cusco, period. Essentially 2 reasons: 1) you can probably find better ways to spend your vacation dollars and 2) the tremendous amount of tourist dollars flowing to Cusco, free money if you will, is not improving the quality of life in Cusco, rather the opposite is happening: free tourist money is bad for Cusco, IMHO.

2 thoughts on “Don’t come to Cusco today or tomorrow

  1. I have to agree with the airport issue, even based on what little I know about flight, is seems this is a bad location, yes they get the airport out of the valley and it would not have to be a VFR airport any longer, but the added altitude is likely to cost the airlines in fuel and not allow for any real international flights as they are indicating, I doubt it would be any more of an international airport that the current airport is. Not that I would want it in my backyard, but it seems the other proposed location in Anta would have been better.

    • The aviation / aeronautical aspects are only part of the discussion, IMO. Sure a new airport would be nice from a pilot’s point of view but the real discussion should be, if the kind of resources that would be required to build a new airport are really available, is building a new airport really the best use of those resources?

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