Gregg Allman, QEPD

Once upon a time I set out to look for a date to take to the Allman Brothers Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd concert. I ended up going to the concert alone but I did meet a Peruvian princess on that fateful night and now I live on top of a mountain in Peru with said Peruvian princess and 3 wawachas. Needless to say, that concert was a defining moment in my life.

Since Gregg Allman passed away recently I’ve been listening more to Allman Brothers Band music again. If you’re a music fan, especially someone who likes to get carried away by music, you’ll want to check out the Allman Brothers “At Fillmore East” album, considered one of the greatest live albums in classic rock.

But on a lighter note, I stumbled across this Youtube and 3 things came to mind:

  • I was in diapers when this was recorded.
  • Gregg Allman has now passed away, QEPD.
  • Cher, still looks the same. Life is not fair!

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