Everything sounds better in Quechua

I’ll admit, I go to church mostly for weddings or funerals so I’m no expert but in my opinion church music is hit or miss nowadays. Mostly a lot of miss, especially in smaller churches. Did you know Elvis Presley much preferred singing gospel over country music or even rock ‘n roll? But nowadays gospel music in many American churches isn’t so great, if you ask me.

The other day we were in a small church in Cusco and the ceremony was nothing special but everything changed when the musicians started to sing in Quechua. When you’re in Cusco, sit in on a mass and listen for yourself. The Quechua songs can move you to tears.

A lot of Peruvian folk music is best enjoyed with a case of beer but IMHO Quechua music is a most beautiful sound: mysterious, romantic, strong and moving all at once.

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