The Hartley Hooligans

There’s been a lot of media coverage about Zika lately. Among all the noise I found this great WaPo inspired life article “What this amazing mom of two girls with microcephaly has to say about Zika scare”. You should go read it too.

The WaPo article links to Gwen Hartley’s blog The Hartley Hooligans, here’s one excerpt from the blog:

It is sad to me that microcephaly is being vilified in the media due to Zika, and I hope that the general public realizes that though this diagnosis would not be something I would have chosen, I am NO LESS BLESSED by having two daughters with this condition than if they’d been born typical. I am just as proud of my girls as I am of our neurotypical son, Cal.

* * *

A long time ago when my parents worked with so-called “disabled” children there was an effort to change the terminology from “disabled” to “different-abled” children, because so-called disabled children have their own way of putting a smile on their parents’ faces and frankly they don’t grow up to do any of the horrible things the rest of us do like invent nuclear weapons or create Ponzi schemes.

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