Huarocondo – Authentic Peruvian Pueblo

Hey Lyle, I stopped by the Gringo Wasi last Sunday but nobody answered the door. Not sure if you were out and about or perhaps taking your afternoon siesta?

Other than not getting together with Lyle our Sunday outing was very nice. Huarocondo is a small town about an hour outside of Cusco but unlike the towns on the typical Cusco tourist circuit, Huarocondo is authentic Peruvian. Of course “authentic Peruvian” isn’t one thing or another – it’s many different things – but the average tourist would be mistaken for believing that the towns on the tourist circuit outside Cusco (ie. Pisac, Urubamba, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero, etc) are representative of a typical small town in the Andes.

They’re not. A thousand square meters of land ( < 1/4 acre) outside Urubamba will cost you over $100K US.

Huarocondo on the other hand is a very traditional, authentic Peruvian pueblo. Lyle is the only gringo in town and barely a few dozen city slickers make their way out on the weekend to sample Huarocondo's delicious lechon. If you’re in Cusco and you want to spend a few days away from the hustle and bustle of the big tourist city, give Lyle a call and check out Huarocondo.

3 thoughts on “Huarocondo – Authentic Peruvian Pueblo

  1. So sorry we missed you and the family but glad you enjoyed your day, and no we were not taking a siesta, you know what they say, no rest for the wicked…If memory serves me correctly I believe we were out with a few guests doing a Sunday market tour and we were likely in Izcuchaca when you were here. I hope you guys enjoyed the Lechon and I see by your photos that you made it to the Andenes Zurite, while there is not much more there than the terraces themselves, they are the largest continuous terraces in the region, if not in all of Peru with the larger terraces being up to 1km long over 30m deep and over 3m high. Thanks for stopping by, even if we weren’t home, and hopefully we will catch you and the family at a later date either in Cusco or back here in Huarocondo.

      • We are doing well and keeping fairly busy, thank you. If you guys enjoyed the lechon you might want to consider coming back out on November 1st, this is when the town has it’s annual lechon festival and this year it is on a Sunday. If you think you might like to check it out let us know, you could even come out on Saturday evening and check out one of our rooms (no charge).

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