Pro-Tip: Gringo dudes getting married in Peru

So you’re standing in front of a church half-full of people you barely know, waiting for your sweetie to walk down the aisle. Your sweetie doesn’t show up and you recognize only a few of your sweetie’s family members – most of the ones you know aren’t there. Then the priest enters and starts his Mass, which you barely understand due to your limited Spanish. People are kneeling and praying and you generally have no clue what’s going on except that everyone is mostly ignoring you and your sweetie isn’t there.


You see, the only things that generally run on time in Peru are the Catholic Church and an occasional airline flight. The priest probably has 3 or 4 weddings scheduled on that beautiful day and if he were to wait for the bride, the last wedding would be 3 hours late. Just sit tight and about 2/3 through the mass, the church now full instead of half-full, your sweetie will show up, the priest will stop what he’s doing and your sweetie will walk down the aisle. Then everything goes on but at least you now have your sweetie who can translate for you.


* * *

We were invited to a friend’s wedding last week at the “Sistene Chapel of South America”, a small church about an hour outside of Cuzco with ceilings painted in the style of the Sistene Chapel. I’m a bad picture-taker but it’s absolutely beautiful. If you’re visiting Cuzco, don’t miss it.

Church of  San Pedro de Andahuaylillas, Sistene Chapel of South America

Church of San Pedro de Andahuaylillas, known as the Sistene Chapel of South America

One thought on “Pro-Tip: Gringo dudes getting married in Peru

  1. haha that’s exactly how my wedding in Lima was 3 years ago. Wifey got stuck in traffic in Centro Lima on way to the chapel (Capilla de la O at Iglesia San Pedro) and was really late. We had an American priest and he turns to me and goes “Are you sure she’s coming?” Finally she showed up and everything went as planned.

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