Had lentejas for lunch today. Remember when I fussed at Otto for cooking lentejas on his day off? Well, I’ve been meaning to say this for a while now: “I was wrong!”




I had eaten lentejas before and they were “OK no mas” but what I didn’t know is that lentejas done right, are great. We have a girl who cooks for us and she is an excellent cook, especially when it comes to any of the typical “comida criolla” of Peru.



Lentejas, comida criolla Peruana

4 thoughts on “Lentejas

  1. My wife cooks lentejas simlar to this and they are great too. I always tell he i could eat peruvian food every day of the week. She’s been here in america for 3 years now and honestly I could go live in peru at anytime just for the food! Everything is so much better and easier to cook. Sure I find some ingredients here but unless they are dry things like lentejas, they arent fresh. Oh well. Glad to see you like lentejas. The plate looks amazing!

    • Gosh, I must be an embarrassement to all Peruvian women, I thought lentejas, was only served with white rice and that was about it. It never ocurred to me that I could add Pork chops? (is that what it is?)

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