You should ask only in the hospital

Mother's day dance at Brianna's kindergarden

Mother’s day dance at Brianna’s kindergarden


My first parade at the Plaza de Armas

One of the things I like about living in Cuzco is that life is so full of social events, friends, family, there is always something other than work and money. Last week Brianna had her first Mother’s Day dance in her kindergarden, papi was so proud I almost cried! We also got together with Patricia’s family on Mother’s Day and just yesterday Brianna had a parade down Cuzco’s Plaza de Armas (main square) as part of the “day of private education”, or something. As the only gringo dad in Brianna’s kindergarden I got volunteered to walk in the parade 😉

In between all this we also went to the baptism of a friend’s son. Little Ares Joaquin is about a year-and-a-half old and already a good little playmate for Brianna. After the baptism we went to Ares’ house, ate, drank and socialized with the family. After the dinner Ares’ dad was serving beer and asked me if I wanted a drink.

Before I could reply one of Ares’ uncles answered for me:

“You should ask only in the hospital” This was directed at Ares’ dad who was serving. The implication is that if a person is in the hospital you should ask if it’s OK to serve them alcohol, make sure the doctor says it’s OK. But if you’re not in the hospital, there should be no reason to ask, you just serve!

I like that. Ask only in the hospital 🙂

2 thoughts on “You should ask only in the hospital

  1. I dislike the fact that so much alcohol is involved in every single social event in my country… but some visitors seem to enjoy that very much LOL. Enjoy ur stay and good luck!

  2. Thanks for commenting. I didn’t mean to write as if I were condoning excessive drinking, we only drink socially. I just wanted to illustrate the great hospitality, food, drink and social interaction here in Peru, which I find a great quality of life, a bit more so than in other (industrialized) countries I know.

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