For my mamacita linda…

The best love song ever and it reminds me of my days at ICPNA Cusco when I used to torture my English (ESL) students with Led Zeppelin tunes – fill in the missing words in the lyrics.

I love you and I miss you on my birthday mamacita linda… And don’t even say it, I know soon I’ll be as old as them guys but you know what, getting old sure beats the alternative 🙂

Just by way of context for my readers, I’ve been away on a work trip for 3 weeks now, spending my birthday in a hotel room in Iqaluit. But I will be home soon.

Note to director Amparo: in case you’re reading this, I never played loud Led Zeppelin music in class 🙂

2 thoughts on “For my mamacita linda…

  1. I enjoyed reading about your experience with Peruvians parents depending in schools for their children to give them the opportunity to a better life. This happens with many parents. We are so fortunate that Peru still has hundreds, thousands of communities, specially in the Andes teaching by example the importance of parents and great grandparents given the best education to the young generation to became the foundation for receiving future knowledge. I am from Peru and I am living in USA and want to congratulate you both for choosing Cuzco as your home. I also will like to share with you my recent book, Kusikiy A Child from Taquile, Peru, You can always get it for IPAD, or Kindle also. But if you feel it will help you with your English classes, let me know. Thank you for teaching English in Cuzco.
    Many blessings,
    Mercedes Cecilia

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