Rwandan Stories

A friend sent this link, must-read material:

Rwandan Stories

Totally unrelated to Peru or this blog, but well worth your time. Here are a few excerpts:

“I have read that after each genocide historians explain that this will be the last. Because no one could again allow such an infamy. That is an amazing joke. Those responsible for the Rwanda genocide are not poor ignorant farmers, no more than they are ferocious and drunken interahamwe – they are the educated people. They are the professors, the politicians and the journalists who expatriated themselves to Europe to study the French revolution and the Humanities.”

Some words about the role of the international community. The history of the Belgian colonialists in Africa is certainly nothing to be proud of:

“A detachment of blue-helmeted UN soldiers in three armoured vehicles arrived in the little town (of Nyamata), visiting the church, the convent, and the maternity and general hospitals. At each stop they picked up whites – five priests and three nuns in all. Mission accomplished, the convoy turned around and swiftly vanished down the main street.”

Rwandan Stories just won a United Nations Association award: won the Best Online Award, impressing the judges with its exemplary use of the medium, educational and interactive, it placed the Rwandan genocide into both historical and contemporary contexts.

Go check out the site at Rwandan Stories.

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