New park

Many moons ago I ranted about the people in our apartment complex who refused to allow the mayor of Wanchaq to build a nice new park in our complex. Their main objection was that a nice new park would attract teenage couples and people looking for a place to get drunk. Personally I was never worried about that, since these guys can chase of a dozen drunk people quicker than you can say Cerveza Cusqueña.

But good news! Our alcalde, Willy Cuzmar del Castillo has long since struck a deal with the folks in our complex and the new park was recently finished.

I missed the grand-opening ceremony because I was on a trip up North (really North), but Patricia was able to snap a few pictures:

Grand opening ceremony

Grand opening ceremony

New park

New park

And here’s our little goose playing in the park.

Mommy and Brianna playing in the new park

Mommy and Brianna playing in the new park

The new park in our prestigioso Conjunto Habitacional Pachacutec came out really nice and I’m grateful for it. Here in Peru the local politicians campaign strongly on their record of obras, or public works, so go Willy Cuzmar del Castillo, hombre de palabra! 😉

2 thoughts on “New park

  1. LoL. I remember that original post! Did the alcalde get feedback from the people on what type of park they wanted?

    One thing I like about Chorrillos are the parks set up around the district to encourage kids (and families) to do sports and stay out of trouble. Despite having a wonderful parks system here in Arlington, there is no skate park (like Chorrillos)…Then one day I’m at my rec center and voila! A flier from the city asking for community feedback and ideas on a proposed skate park!

    One thing I have noticed here and in Peru is that it is really important to get community feedback. It makes them vested in wanting to improve their community and keep it that way.

    Nice to see that your daughter will have a nice park to play in now as she grows up. Open space is really important for children.

  2. The park was built similar to a few other parks in the area, and I kind of like that. In several residential neighborhoods of Wanchaq there are little parks in the same style, so it looks nice.

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