Peru: good news update

After the violence in Bagua on June 5 it is good to read a few promising Peru news items:

This does not mean all is well in the world of politics in Peru, it’s only words at this point. But it’s hope for a beginning to the end of Alan Garcia’s sell-out-Peru, money-at-all-cost policies.

6 thoughts on “Peru: good news update

  1. I’m on the same page; unfortunately Peru’s growth comes from external investors and investments. Garcia’s government has done little to encourage internal growth.

    This is not the first time, however, that the Peruvian government has sold out to foreigners. Just look at the Guano Boom of the 70’s.

    What would happen to Peru’s economy and people if all foreign investors fled the country or exhausted Peruvian resources?

    I hope one day that Peru has a responsible and intelligent leader. It’s a wealthy country with a poor mentality.

  2. Sure it’s a generalization, and perhaps that’s a bad thing to do. But if you look at foreign investment, too often the establishment in Lima gets wide-eyed and takes the money without much consideration for long term benefits to all of Peru.

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