10 Things I love about Peru.

Reading my previous post could be misleading: I love Peru!!! So in the spirit of fairness, here is a list of 10 things to like about Peru (in no particular order):

10) Scenery. The landscape is breathtaking and the ancient Inca sites are stunning. When Matt Lauer, the NBC host who has traveled most of the world, says Machu Picchu is one of his favorite places, I can totally concur.
9) Food. I love the fresh foods we get at the market here. Peruvian food is a fusion of many influences. Seafood in Lima, spicier foods in the South and all sorts of unique dishes here in the Andes mountains and further East in the Jungle. My personal favorite right now is Chicharon from a little place in Saylla.
8) Stray dogs. I wish they weren’t stray here in the city, but they’re such good dogs. Ruff!
7) Friendly people. Peruvian people are fun, friendly and exceedingly open towards visitors and foreign residents.
6) Radio stations. Unlike in the US, playlists actually have more than 100 songs.
5) Bread. Come to Peru and you will never eat the industrial variety from a US grocery-store again.
4) Natural medicine. I’m really interested in opening a health spa in the Sacred Valley of the Inca, which is about 30 minutes away from Cusco. Just one of my many ideas I lack time, money and expertise for 😦
3) Pisco Sour, Anis & Cerveza Cusqueña. Just as good as real Dutch gin or Belgian beer!
2) Adventure. Make new friends, try new foods, visit great places. You can do it all here in Peru.
1) My sweet lovely wife Patricia!!!!!

Qoricancha, the ruins of the Inca Temple of the Sun, one of the holiest sites in Cusco, Peru

5 thoughts on “10 Things I love about Peru.

  1. OoOoOoOoOo HiIiIIi tEaChEr!!!! …. iM AcCoRdInG WiTh yOu… BEcAUsE PeRu iS A GrEaT pLaCe tO dO EvErYtHiNg… SpEciAl iN cUsCo yOu cAn Do mAnY ThInGs lIkE ViSiT aRqUoLoGiC CeNtErS, yOu caN PrOvE dIfFeReNtS DiShEs AnD tHe cuLtUrE iS UnIqUe In thE WoRlD… tHaS WhY yOu lIfE In cUsCo… I ThInK…. 😀

  2. I love my city, becouse Cusco has many beautiful places, for example:

    The church of Santo Domingo that was consecrat in 1654, incorporates the foundations and several walls of the Koricancha.
    In Quechua the name meaning Golden Enclosure or Golden Garden.
    Koricancha was dedicated to Viracocha who was creator, deity, and Inti, the sun god, also known as the Temple of the Sun.
    I recomended to visit, it is amazing


    Daniel Flores Huayhua – IO10

  3. Well, I can only say that the cusco is one of the best and most exciting places in the world, and I feel very happy that your teacher Ward, want to be here, this is a very nice place with lots of things individuals …….., enjoy it. … ……. Many Greetings.


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