This ain’t no Cumbia baby!

I have a “fun job” teaching English at the ICPNA here in Cusco. We had some workshops about using music in the classroom last week… The workshops were really good and the message was as long as there’s educational value the teacher (that’s me) gets to choose the music!!! So I went to the local mall known as “Molino” to buy some pirated CDs (you can’t buy the real thing here in Cusco) and now the ICPNA will never be the same again!!! I think it’s about time Peru got introduced to Lynnyrd Skynnyrd and Led Zeppelin.
Since I’m having a lot of fun teaching and we’re starting to do really good with my website business, I thought it would be fitting here to use this clip from my favorite movie of all time: I think we’re just around the corner from “the light of day”.

BTW, teacher Amparo (my lovely boss), if you’re reading this I was just kidding about that Led Zeppelin thing. We’re only using Neil Young and Paul Simon 😉

Ward Welvaert

3 thoughts on “This ain’t no Cumbia baby!

  1. cusco is a good cyti for his people and places,all the people when visit this country are happy and relaxing because they can know machupicchu, sacsayhuaman, pisac and other arqueologycal places but this cyti has bad things too for example any people are stealers.
    the weather is good and his typical food are delicious in different places

  2. I´m in I05 my beautiful teacher WARD and my classmate are friendly and this month was really fun and excited for me ….
    M Y Teacher WARD is a person friendly, hardworking ,,beautiful and etc…

  3. hi! teacher WARD
    I love your website you dimension places that I did not even know that I am even Cusco jejej
    I congratulate him on his good website is very interesting and fun
    bye! is the best XD

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