Multiple guess: 2016 Peru presidential candidates

Which of the following is a candidate for president in the 2016 Peru presidential elections:

a) A drunk.
b) A cheat.
c) A guy allegedly tied to the murder of a journalist.
d) A dude who insults supporters and whose body guards beat up hecklers.
e) All of the above.

Winners and losers of the 2016 Peru presidential elections so far:

WINNER: Keiko Fujimori, because she’ll be the next Prez of Peru and has managed to present herself as a rather reasonable person and candidate in the midst of this entire farce that passes for democratic elections.

WINNER: Julio Guzman, a guy nobody knew a few months ago and became a leading candidate before getting banned by the electoral body (for now). No matter what happens in this election cycle he looks likely to be an influential politico going forward.

LOSER: Everybody who hoped there would be substantive change for the better any time soon.

LOSER: Whoever got paid to write Cesar Acuña’s thesis back in the day because you know that dude’s in deep doo-doo now that everybody knows he or she copied/pasted the whole thing.

Going to Rio in 2016

Good news for Latinos, the Olympics are coming to Rio. Other than Madrid and Rio, the other 2 finalist cities would not have been easily visited by Latinos. I’m glad Chicago didn’t win. I mean, I love the city of Chicago, but it’s, well, in the USA, and Latinos have a really tough time getting visas there 😦

On a side note, my father wouldn’t watch a minute of the Beijing Olympics in 2008, he’s seen so much brutal poverty in China that he couldn’t stomach the fabulously expensive games for the elite… Rio will likely be more of the same.

Now it remains to be seen if Peruvian authorities will support Peruvian athletes leading up to the Olympics and put together a good team…