Peru coup update

Manuel Merino, the crooked bully who orchestrated last Monday’s illegitimate ouster of Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra has this morning resigned as interim president.

Initially the thug appeared to have support of the Lima oligarchy and the military but widespread street protests ensued. The Peruvian national police (PNP) repressed the citizen protests with excessive force, allegedly on orders that “nothing is off limits”. Last night 2 protesters, Jack Bryan Pintado Sánchez and Inti Sotelo Camargo, were killed. All indications are they were shot by police.

Subsequent to the deaths of Jack and Inti the Peruvian political class massively abandoned Manuel Merino. My guess is he’ll seek exile in Brazil before sunset tomorrow.

Peru is still in the midst of its most severe constitutional crisis since at least the beginning of this century but the people of Peru stood up and drew a line in the sand for the thugs and oligarchs. Sadly 2 young men paid for it with their lives. I hope Manuel Merino rots in jail for the rest of his days.

2 thoughts on “Peru coup update

  1. Haha. My predictive powers are legendary. I predicted the river Madre de Dios would freeze over before Donald Trump would be elected Prez and once there was an incident when I predicted a 1/4″ snow in South Carolina, more on that can be found by Googling “record snow falls in South Carolina”
    On the other hand the political order here in Peru seems to be relatively restored for now but there is a lot of uncertainty and social unrest all around. My predictive powers aside, next year is likely going to be difficult for a lot of people, here’s to hoping for some positive energy going forward.

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