The time I took a swim in Laguna Asnacocha

It’s the last Monday of the week. The world is in a world of hurt and you need a cheap laugh? Preferably something authentic not from a meme-porn mill? Well lay your eyes on my swimming adventures in Laguna Asnacocha. Watch all the way to the end.

Laguna Asnacocha is over 3,800 meters (~12,500 feet) elevation. There’s a nice area where you can see the bottom and then a steep drop where the bottom completely goes out of sight. I’m a pretty good swimmer but as a semi-retired ferry pilot I’m well aware of the dangers of cold water. Even without the – ahem – encouragement of the public to return I wasn’t about to go swimming much further 🙂

6 thoughts on “The time I took a swim in Laguna Asnacocha

  1. Love the “public” urging you to come back out of deep water in case you drown! I thought it was funny until you later mentioned the water was very cold!
    Hope you guys are doing OK? We hear terrible reports about people dying in the streets of Cusco. Meant wevt just gone into Stage 4 lockdown here in Melbourne. Take care. Stay safe! Regards

  2. Hi Kristin:

    That water is probably about 5-8 degrees Celsius year round. Looks great on a sunny day but very cold!

    Stay safe and stay strong. We’re all doing good but the coronavirus is now totally out of control in Cusco. By late June, after 3+ months of lockdown, there had been no more than about 30 fatalities attributed to Covid in the entire Cusco region. Now we’re probably seeing 30 fatalities per day!

    The healthcare system is overwhelmed, oxygen supplies are critical, a lot of terrible stories. The next few weeks are going to be very difficult here in Cusco. Realistically there just aren’t any resources to deal with a crisis of this magnitude, the virus is simply going to run its course. I wish I had better news on that part, do take care of yourself and each other in these difficult days!

    • Sounds very grim. My brother and sister-in-law in Larapa are pretty much not moving very far from home and have told us about the issues in public hospitals. We send you our very best wishes for you and your family to stay well and safe. Take care.

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