I have bad news for you

Did you know only sexy people read this blog? Sure you did! Other than that we get a pretty good mix but for all you sexy people who aren’t 3×7 anymore I’ve got some bad news:

I just heard Avril Lavigne on the radio. On the classic rock station.

Avril Lavigne
Classic rock.

If you’re like me, you’re older than you feel 😖

2 thoughts on “I have bad news for you

  1. I had to do a Google search to learn who Avril Lavigne is. That’s how out of it I am, but classic rock? Avril Lavigne? The producer of that stations format should be given a subject matter exam.

    • The median age here in Peru is a lot younger than in most of the industrialized world, so the radio stations idea of “classic” rock/pop is 1980s and on. I think most people in the industrialized world see that roughly as the timeframe where popular music just became a commodity.

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