New wheels

Our 4 year old got her first “real” bike this week. Look at that baby, at night she’s lit up like a fair ride and she’s got better headlights than my dad’s Oldsmobile Diesel did. Then there’s the stereo system. None of my first 5 cars had a USB stereo! Although I did own a ’78 Cadillac with an 8-track tape system in it many moons ago and yes do I ever regret selling that baby!

But back to the bicycle, I’ve flown airplanes with less electronics in them than my 4-year old’s bike. Think I’m kidding? I’m not. (hint, search for “electrical system”)

2 thoughts on “New wheels

  1. Ah, the Oldsmobile Diesel! My dad had one too. I think he got two replacement engines as a result of class-action lawsuits. And when it rained, water pooled on the trunk — great design! Don’t recall the headlights, but with two 12-volt batteries I can imagine they were bright.

    Around 1985 I borrowed it to go into Manhattan. It was past rush hour in the morning, and the thing was incredibly sluggish going uphill on the Merritt Parkway. Feeling bad for the yuppies stuck behind me in the slow lane, I floored it. The whole world behind me disappeared into one impenetrable black cloud. It was hilarious. For me, anyway.

    • Pretty amazing your dad’s Oldsmobile Diesel was still on the road by 1985. My dad’s Oldsmobile Diesel burned up (literally) around 1981, like most of them did.

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