How (not) to get stuff done – married life edition

I’ve been home alone with the 2 little ones for a couple of days, Mamacita Linda is in Lima with our oldest to get her a shiny new biometric passport and do a little sightseeing. While they’re out of town I’ve been amazed at how much stuff I’ve been getting done. I remarked to my mother-in-law yesterday how much stuff I was getting done and she asked “Why? Why are you getting more stuff done without the 2 of them here?”

I have to admit I was bothered by that myself, after all, Brianna is going on 7 years old now and is pretty “low maintenance”, so why am I getting more stuff done with one less adult in the house while I still have the 2 little ones?

Then I thought about the first thing I did yesterday: I took the car to the shop to have a sensor replaced. Here’s how it went:

Me: “De-li-ta, I’m taking the car to the shop”
Delia (our maid): “OK”

(8:05) Car is at the shop.
(8:20) Papi’s back home.

Now if I had done the same thing while Mamacita Linda was home, here’s hypothetically how it would all go down:

Me: “Mamacita, I’m taking the car to the shop”
Mamacita: “Why don’t you wait half an hour so you can give me a ride to the gym on your way to drop off the car at the shop.”

Me: “Mamacita, you ready?”
Mamacita: “Si, vamos!”

But of course when mamacita says “vamos” that doesn’t really mean “let’s go”, it means, “let me check my phone, watch a little TV, do something with my makeup or hair, change a shirt or something, and then go”.

(8:55) On our way to the gym!
(9:05) We pull into the mall parking lot (the gym is at the mall).

Mamacita: “While we’re here, I want to go pay the credit cards.”
Me: “Ergh, OK”
Mamacita: “But I don’t have any money!”

We keep separate checking accounts, that’s another whole story. First day of the month we’re all happy, then mamacita pays some bills and runs out of money. Then I pay the rest of the bills and run out of money. The last week of every month we live of our credit card, then it starts over again the next month.

(9:06) Car is parked.
(9:20) Money taken out of one bank and credit card paid at another bank.

Me: “Hey, while we’re here, let’s have a coffee at Starbucks!”
Mamacita: “Ergh, OK”

(9:30) “2 Mocha Frappuccinos® please!”

Me: “Well, it’s too late to take the car to the shop now, I think I’ll just walk home so you can drive back when you leave the gym.”
Mamacita: “OK, but buy some meat at Plaza Vea while you’re here so Delia has something to cook for lunch.”

Me: “Here you go Delita, steak and chicken, cook whatever you want. Don’t tell Sra. Patricia I bought more wine and chocolates too, OK? Thanks!”

baby crawls

I don’t know where I’m going. I’m on my way I’m taking my time. But I don’t know where….

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