Yo Soy comes to Cuzco

“Yo Soy” is a popular TV show in Peru now. It’s a talent show, you know the routine: a bunch of hopefuls who try not to get voted off, a 3-judge panel consisting of an eccentric guy, a record exec and a girl who used to be famous. I think “Yo Soy” exists in Europe as “I am …”.

I’ve been told the demographic and voting viewers of all these shows are teenage girls, so the winners are typically young guys with guitars. Season 1 of “Yo Soy” (Peru) was won by Kurt Cobain (Ramiro Saavedra), he is really good:

After the end of season 1 the “Yo Soy” finalists performed live in a tour around Peru and they made a stop in Cuzco as well. We decided to go to the show: Patricia, her mom, our 3-year old and myself. The show was great. Cuzco doesn’t have any good concert facilities and the production wasn’t great but some of the artists were great live performers.

The show lasted over 4 hours and taking a 3-year old to a live concert isn’t nearly as good an idea as it sounds at first. After about the first half an hour our baby goose fell asleep, when she woke up she got cranky and decided that going outside to ride the fair was more fun. There just happens to be a fair out by the Colliseo Cerrado where the “Yo Soy” live concert was held:

Yo Soy Peru - Amy Winehouse (Ani Rodriguez)

Yo Soy Peru – Amy Winehouse (Ani Rodriguez)

Brianna riding the fair outside of the Colliseo Cerrado in Cuzco

Brianna riding the fair outside of the Colliseo Cerrado in Cuzco

I don’t have much time to watch TV but when our baby Brianna is at her grandmother’s house in the afternoons they typically watch “Yo Soy” whenever it’s on.

A few days after the concert we took a trip out to the Sacred Valley of the Inca. Patricia, her mom, our baby goose and myself were on the way back from the Sacred Valley. When we crossed the last mountain before going into the city a Nirvana song came on in the bus. My mother-in-law and my 3-year old daughter both jumped in their seats.

“Kurt Cobain!!!”

A 3-year old and her grandmother on top of a mountain in Peru, totally completely giddy-excited over a Nirvana song. I know Kurt Cobain had issues in this world – perhaps all of us do at times – but I hope he’s had a chance to make his peace.

I hope Kurt Cobain looked down and smiled.

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