Meet me out in the street, mamacita tonight!

I’m craving hot greasy pizza at the moment. Peruvian pizza isn’t that great but the exception is La Romana Pizzeria in Cuzco. The pizza is excellent and the servers know us well enough to tolerate our wild little Brianna.

Tonight I’m in the mood for a yummie pizza (mitad Vaticano y mitad Romana) and a jara de sangria, but the question is whether mamacita linda will be home early enough. One of the only bad things about living in Peru is that people who work corporate type jobs must work really long hours. Patricia’s normal hours are 9:00am to 8:00pm, 6 days a week! She does get a 2-hour lunch break which is enough to run home for a bit.

It’s not unusual for Patricia’s work hours to run a bit late in the evening, so here’s to my mamacita linda:

Meet me out in the street, to be exact, at La Romana Pizzeria on Av. Tullumayo in beautiful Cuzco, Peru 🙂

Also, not meaning to change the subject to awful bad, we have another reason to celebrate today in addition to my craving of hot greasy pizza: 20-something years ago today, somewhere in Cuzco in the back of a taxi (*) on its way to the hospital, a baby girl was born. Feliz Cumpleaños a mi cuñada!!!

(*) Not kidding, true story.

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