Jurassic Park Oropesa

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A while back we visited Jurassic Park in Oropesa. Many playgrounds in Peru are not that well done, but the Jurassic Park in Oropesa is the exception to the rule. It’s a very nice park and the dinosaurs are very well made. Brianna had a great time playing.

Oropesa is a small town in the “Valley of the South”, just outside of Cuzco. Oropesa is best known for its bread, seems like the biggest activity in Oropesa are bakeries that supply bread to the city of Cuzco.

The “Valley of the South” with its towns of Saylla, Oropesa, Tipon and Andahuaylillas is well worth a visit while you are in Cuzco. Many tour operators offer day-trips, but you can also hop on a bus (“combi”) and explore the area on your own. You can eat yummie chicharron in Saylla or “Cuy” in Tipon. Tipon also has ancient Inka ruins that rival Machu Picchu only with far fewer tourists. Most “Valley of the South” day trips end in Andahuaylillas, where you can visit the Sistine Chapel of the Andes – an outwardly unassuming looking little church with stunning murals on the inside.

Of course if you have kids along don’t forget to stop at Jurassic Park Oropesa. Just hop of the bus at the Oropesa stop, walk up the hill to the main square and continue up the hill a few more blocks. There are also taxis waiting by the bus stop that will be happy to take you there. Avoid mototaxis because the hill is kind of steep 🙂

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