LAN Peru to invest $1 billion in Peru

The airline industry in Peru is doing well. Here’s the link from Andina: LAN Peru to invest $1 billion, and a quick excerpt:

Lima, jun. 30 (ANDINA). La empresa Lan Perú invertirá 1,000 millones de dólares en el país hasta 2011, para incrementar la flota de naves y en una mayor tecnología de la aerolínea, manifestó su gerente general, Jorge Vilches.
“Invertimos muy fuerte en una nueva flota porque el crecimiento del sector en Perú así lo justifica. Traemos cuatro aviones pequeños y dos grandes Boeing 767, que son para la operación internacional”, indicó a la agencia Andina.

Read the full article at Andina.

I’ve been trying to get a flying job here in Peru, here’s to hoping for a good opportunity in the near future 🙂

To stay current as a pilot I’ve been doing some airplane deliveries and ferry flights, mostly to Europe. Here’s a picture I took approaching Greenland on a recent Trans-Atlantic ferry flight to Europe:

Approaching Greenland on a trans-Atlantic airplane delivery flight

Approaching Greenland on a trans-Atlantic airplane delivery flight

More flying pictures on my contract pilot blog.

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