Aah those reliable and ever so ethical multinationals…

Just some thoughts about big companies and nice promises. Here’s some excerpts from an AP article today on BP’s oil spill response:

“Due to the distance to shore (48 miles) and the response capabilities that would be implemented, no significant adverse impacts are expected,” the site plan says.
“Said BP spokesman Daren Beaudo from Robert, La.: “We expect that a complete review of the regional response plans and planning process will take place as part of the overall incident investigation so that we can determine what worked well and what needs improvement. Thus far we have implemented the largest spill response in history and many, many elements of it have worked well. However, we are greatly disappointed that oil has made landfall and impacted shorelines and marshes. The situation we are dealing with is clearly complex, unprecedented and will offer us much to learn from.”

Here you go, Mr. Beaudo, enjoy:

Now I positively have to stop buying BP gas. For years I have tried not to buy Exxon gas because Exxon fought 20 years not to pay the punitive damages from that case. At least the captain of the ship has apologized.

What’s relevant here in Peru, let’s just say when a multinational and rich old guys in Lima make promises about things like extracting resources from the Amazon jungle in Peru without spilling a drop, you can count me sceptical.

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