Peruvian surfs with dog and alpaca

Many people in industrialized countries have little idea of life in other parts of the world and a typical question often asked about Peru is “Do people really ride llamas down in Peru?

No, they don’t. But check this guy out, Domingo Pianezzi is out surfing with his alpaca:

surfer with alpaca

photo: REUTERS/Pilar Olivares

Domingo has trained many dogs to surf as well:

Domingo Pianezzi surfing with his dog

Domingo Pianezzi & Sunny : photo Michel Romero

Just saying… Peruvians in the main coastal cities are cellphone-toting, jeans-wearing, wave-riding cosmopolitans…

3 thoughts on “Peruvian surfs with dog and alpaca

  1. Hi, I’m an expat American, currently living in Colombia.
    Not sure if I’m content here or not. Please educate me on
    the cost of living in Peru. I’m on Soc. Sec. and would rent
    small place. I’m a beach person, looking for coastal living
    smaller towns my preference. Any info you could provide
    would be much appreciated. Thanks

  2. that’s interesting ,but in my opinion that alpaca must be in other place , alpacas are not made to be pets of city they are animals that enjoy of big and quiet places

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