Sign said “funky foreign people need not apply”

I’ve been trying to get a pilot job at a major airline in Peru, my dream-job really. Talked to the screening team today, and while they were exceedingly nice and said they would love to talk to me, they won’t…. Why? the company is only hiring Peruvian nationals at this time, and even though I am a resident of Peru, I can’t get any further in the process until I obtain my Peruvian citizenship, for which I am eligible later this year.

The worst part? The young lady I was speaking to also said they would consider a few applicants from close nationalities such as Spaniards, Colombians or Ecuadorians. Really!!!

Discrimination sucks…

3 thoughts on “Sign said “funky foreign people need not apply”

  1. I´ve been having a look at different sites relating to Peru and the way of life down there.I just wanted to let u know the stuff they told u about in Lan (i´m assuming it´s the one u applied to) it´s just bullshit,my husband just got offered a position as a capt with them although we´re spanish (from Spain),no peruvian citizenship.We´re considering it,but we´ve been to lima a thousand times already because the company we were working for before had several weekly flights.We´re a bit concern about taking our baby down there. we´re still considering it as we´re still very young and we´ll intend to be there for a short period of time anyway.The airline was taking on some non spanish pilots as well.
    I just wanted to let u know.If u think of any useful tips when considering moving please let me know cause we know living there has nothing to do with flying there really often.

  2. Ana,

    Good to hear that your husband was offered a job with LAN. As far as living in Lima is concerned, I haven’t spent that much time there (we’re usually in Cusco), but I obviously do love living in Peru. Peru sort of reminds me of Spain in the 1970s – and I mean that in a good way. At the end of the day I think moving to any other country depends on how open-minded and adventurous you are. Good luck and perhaps we’ll meet in Lima some time!

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