The links below are absolute must read. Nothing I can add.

Hard-to-believe, but true story about media coverage of the Bagua massacre in Peru last month:

In Spanish on GCC
In English from IKN

Established media in Peru really dropped the ball on this. Who knows how many people read the government propaganda and misinformation and took it for fact since it came from the nation’s leading media outlets. Que basura!!!

El Comercio miente

El Comercio miente

Picture courtesy of Amazilia

6 thoughts on “Media

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  2. Andina didn’t even report on the massacre that day… they buried all news under images of Alan Garcia giving awards and highlighting the great progress his government is making. Then, the next day, they led with stories of unarmed police being surrounded and killed by violent protesters.

    And I really don’t understand why this has been completely ignored:

    TVPERU, all during the day, did not air one single news program, instead showing cartoons while a massacre was going on.

    I can only assume no-one switched back when a news program was finally aired that evening. I can only assume I was the only one watching…

    The presenters, a man a woman who are usually the faces of the news program, opened with a statement, which I’ll adlib because I don’t remember clearly:

    “We at TV Peru pledge our loyalty to the Government of the Republic of Peru, and to democracy, which have been attacked violently by people that are simply terrorists.”

    Then there were brief mention of several police being killed while defending themselves, and that it was a dark day for Peru.

    Then that was it. (Thankfully no HEIL GARCIA! or Glorious Dear Leader Garcia, Generous Father of the Nation)

    It was left up to the generally right-wing TV channels to do a great job in collating videos and providing, at least when compared to the Government media of TV Peru and Andina, unbiased news. Thank God for capitalism, commercial ad breaks and viewing figures when you get exclusive videos, no?

  3. I never got too into national news in Peru or even here in Colombia, but I should start.

    Anyway, while you guys are horrified, I’m actually happy to see that Peru and Peruvians are embracing freedom of speech and holding the government accountable. I’ve heard stories of intimidation here in Colombia. Transparency and accountability is crucial in good governance. And I think Peruvians aren’t taking any more shit after Fujimori.

    Here‘s a video a Peruvian Facebook friend shared several times so all the peruanos would see it.

  4. You’re right Colin. Peruvian bloggers and op-ed writers have been critical of the government and rightfully been able to influence the debate, although the government certainly tries to influence the press.

    Even though I have issues with some of the politics in Peru, I imagine it’s still a world better than Colombia.

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