Happy 4th of July!!!

Since we’re in Peru, we’ll miss the fireworks and cookouts this year. Have one for us though! Last year I was in SC with friends on the 4th.

Busy month for national holidays in our wildly multi-national family:

  • July 4th. The US citizens in our family – Roxi and Manchita – will get an extra hot dog today 🙂
  • Belgian National Holiday on July 21, time to hit up Google for a good Belgian Waffle recipe.
  • Peru’s National Holiday on July 28, which also happens to be Mama Vicky’s birthday.
Roxi and Manchita

Roxi and Manchita

BTW – if you’re enjoying your freedom, take a look at the Honduras resistencia blog to support the people in Honduras who aren’t quite as lucky as us. Last time I was in Honduras was 15 years ago or so, but the poor people there deserve better than a return to the Cold War.

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