Contract pilot blog

Here in Peru I don’t get a chance to do much aviation work. When I first came to Peru I was supposed to work for SEMAN, part of the Peruvian Air Force, but Alan Garcia decided to reassign some high ranking Air Force officers and my contract fell through.

However, when I’m in the US I always try to catch up on my flying – flying was after all my first career. So I started a new contract pilot blog where I can tell some of my tall (aren’t they all) flying stories 🙂

Honestly, like everything I do, I fly because it’s my passion. I like doing ferry flights, flight training, aircraft deliveries and repossessions.

Landing at LHZ, Louisburg NC

Landing at LHZ, Louisburg NC

This picture was taken when I was teaching a collegue at GE to fly. The picture may look as if we were flying sideways, but we weren’t. If you look at the top of the dashboard, it’s level with the runway. The picture was just taken at an angle, by a passenger in the backseat of the airplane 🙂

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