Healthy breakfast

Quick: Name something everyone has but no one uses?

A juice extractor, of course.

Fresh fruits

Fresh fruits

Despite the fact it takes 45 minutes to make a jar of juice, and another 45 minutes to clean up the mess, we make fresh juice once in a while because the fresh fruit here in Cusco is to die for. The high Andes are known for typical crops such as Quinua and Kiwicha, purple corn, etc. But Cusco is close to lower-elevation areas such as Quillabamba and Limatambo where fruit grows readily.

We buy fresh apples, grapes, bananas, oranges and pineapple, just to name a few, at the market here in Wanchaq. We also eat fresh palta (avocado) at least once a week. Sometimes simply “pan con palta” for breakfast, or other times I make my (almost) world famous guacamole burgers.

Healthy breakfast

Healthy breakfast

I love how we can get practically everything fresh here. The one odd thing that I just can’t get over is how fresh bananas last several weeks, instead of 3 days in the US.

Peruvian food is excellent, even when prepared by a gringo 🙂

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