6 thoughts on “Ceviche

  1. A few years ago I was working in Peru, up in the northern highlands above Cajamarca. In the mountains they used chicken for ceviche, soaked in lime juice for three days. It was the first time I had it. Now, living on the beach, I have ceviche de cameron all of the time. In the mountains of Peru everything was shredded. Here it’s chopped.


  2. Where we live in Cusco “ceviche” isn’t as big a deal as it is by the coast, obviously, but it’s still pretty popular here as well.

    How’s life in Mazatlan by the way, sounds like a tough gig…

  3. Yeah, life here is tough to take. But somebody has to do it so it might as well be me.

    We came down for a visit in 2005. The first two week vacation I had ever taken. The second day on the beach I decided to go back, get rid of everything, quit my job and move here. The best decision of my life.

    My wife was already retired, so I follow suit. We are the only gringos in a middle class Mexican neighborhood and love it. The people here are incredible, and we’re just a few blocks from the longest white sand beach in Mexico. As soon as the locals discovered we weren’t snowbirds, but live here year-round, we could do no wrong.


  4. Inca Kola or Chicha Morada combined with a sample of good peruvian ceviche is definitely something you should not miss. Out of experience we see more and more people interested in the peruvian cuisine and ceviche is one of those dishes you have to taste to appreciate.

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