Village people coming to Cusco

That’s right, I don’t mean people from small villages like Accha, but The Village People, the 1970s disco band of “YMCA” fame.

Now Cusco has great nightlife, with live local bands playing bars and discos around the main square and in San Blas. But since I’ve been here, no big name bands have performed in Cusco, which is really surprising considering the amount of culture, history and fun-seeking tourists in the city.

Here’s my wishlist of rock ‘n roll bands who really, really, really ought to come and play in Cusco:

1) Bruce Springsteen. Fresh of his superbowl performance here’s a chance for “the Boss” to prove he’s really all about working people: play a free live show on the shores of Lake Titicaca during 4th Continental Summit of Indigenous People. Have some cervezas with Evo and fly back home to tell the bureaucrats at the State Department that Evo’s not all that bad after all.

2) Mark Knopfler. Just once I want to hear Love over Gold (translation: the reason I’m here) live.

3) Paul Simon. Supposedly Paul Simon spent some time in Cusco. He made the Peruvian song El Condor Pasa famous in the West in 1970, and consequently brought attention to Peru long before tourism here became mainstream. Plus, he’s from New York so maybe he can bring along some people who know how to make real pizza.

4) Peter Gabriel. You’re going to be in Lima later this month, why not take the 1 hour flight to Cusco and play a small gig here?

5) Last, but not least: what could be more Peruvian than this?

“The mountains and the canyons start to tremble and shake,
the children of the sun begin to wake.”

Led Zeppelin!!! The band was more into symbolism than any other I know, and Cusco is full of the symbolism of the Incas. Come on guys… I will make arrangements for you to play at Sacsayhuaman during Inti Raymi, the traditional midsummer celebration of the Incas, what could be more mythical than that?

One of my all time favorites, Jungleland, just begging to be performed in the jungle of Peru:

Feel free to add suggestions 😉

2 thoughts on “Village people coming to Cusco

  1. you know, i’m quite sure that if Page could somehow receive the information about how mythical Cusco is, Zeppelin would be here right away… because of Page’s interest in the occult. and would be awsome!!

    Nice blog you have here, i also checked out the one about icpna’s teachers.. you should try to keep it up to date.


  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I agree it would be awesome to see Jimmy Page here in Cusco.

    You’re right about the icpna blog… I need to do something with it soon 🙂

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