Carne de extranjeria Peru

I finally got the Peruvian resident visa, better known as carné de extranjería, so now I can live and work in Peru more easily. The entire process took over a year, first nearly 6 months to get legally married in Peru and then 6 months to obtain the “carne extranjeria”.

For me, obtaining this semi-permanent admission into the fine population of Peru was hopelessly complicated by the facts that (1) we were living in Cusco, not Lima where all the bureaucracy is and (2) I am a Belgian citizen who’s lived his entire adult life in the US, which made it more difficult to get original documents. You can read the first post on this blog for the silly-but-true story of how a Belgian guy met a Peruvian girl while living in the US, and ended up back in Peru!

OK, got to go now. I have to do some work to pay for all those fees we paid to the “Banco de la Nacion” over the last year or so 🙂


10 thoughts on “Carne de extranjeria Peru

  1. Nice blog. I also went throught he entire wedding process in Peru as a foriegner and it was such a crazy process I could write a novel about it. I (american) was living in Cusco from 1997-2007, working as a tour guide and river guide and met my wife (Scottish) in 2001 there. We married in 2006 in the Sacred Valley. so an American and a Brit, married in Peru, neither of us had carent de extranjero either! It was insane, but a lot of fun looking back in hindsight actually. I’m not sure where you are in getting your wives green card. We actually found it a lot easier as we did a direct consular filing with the US Embassy in Lima – i’m not sure if thta is an option for you since you are not a US Citizen? Anyways, worth looking into. We still have a house in Cusco in Huancaro as we run an NGO there – but are in San Francisco now for a change.

  2. Hola mi nombre es Carlos estoy a punto de casarme con mi novia ella es americana y hemos estado viviendo aqui en Perpu con visa de turista. Su visa se vence el 11 de Febrero queremos saber exactamente como obtener el carnet de extranjeria para ella, asi puede trabajar y abrir una cuenta en el banco. Gracias.

  3. hi – i have a peruvian id card and no one knows if it is the carné de extranjería… could you tell me what it looks like please? mine is green and says the ministry of interior… this is driving me crazy

  4. soy peruana vivo con mi esposo en miami el es cubano/americano, estamos terminando de construir nuestra casa en lima, y por lo tanto mi esposo tiene que viajar seguido a lima, como podemos tramitar su carnet de extranjeria, los planes son estar en lima, unos meses y despues regresar a miami, el tener una casa ayuda para su carnet de extranjeria??? tambien ya tiene una cuenta bancaria en lima, gracias. mi correo

  5. hola soy peruano y desde hace 9 meses estoy conviviendo con una colombiana , ella entro a peru con pasaportte y permiso de turista pero ese permiso se vencio hace algunos meses, fuimos a migraciones y nos dijeron que no era delito tan solo al salir debia pagar una multa de un dolar por dia, pero en verdad queremos que ella obtenga el carnet de extrangeria para que pueda trabajar legalmente en el pais y obtener una cuenta bancaria, nuestro obejtivo es casarnos pero estamos primero organizandonos para despues hacerlo, por favor quiero que me orienten haber como podemos hacer, mil gracias, mi correo es espero su pronta respuesta.

  6. Hello! Does anybody knows where do I get information about how to get the “carnet de extranjeria” is easy to get it in Peru or USA? any web-site with all the requirements I will appreciate it. Thanks. By the way I am from Peru and My husband American planning to go living in Peru, so I am trying to find out what do we need to do specially for him in order to work and live in Peru…let me know what you have to share. Thanks.

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