Learning Ajax

I’m updating my pizza ordering site http://hometownpizza.us with a few new features.  I learned some Ajax and was quite happy with the result – I can actually change parts of a web page now without reloading the whole page. 

Patricia and I went out downtown Cusco a couple of weeks ago to celebrate that I got the pizza site up and running.  We had dinner at a really nice restaurant where “Norton’s Rats” used to be and even went out dancing afterwards!!

– Ward

Plaza de Armas at night in Cusco.

Patricia at Mama Africa. 

One thought on “Learning Ajax

  1. Hi teacher… I’m Wilbert – B10 – ICPNA
    I don’t know to you are a Web site designer…
    Ajax it’s really interesting
    I’m a Web site designer too, now i’m learning to use LIGHT for web gallery, it’s really hard…
    see you next moth…

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