UNSAAC study of Covid-19 mortality rates at high elevations

A recently published study by Anahi Cardona and Manuel Montoya of the Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad del Cusco (UNSAAC) concludes that there is a statistically significant difference in Covid-19 mortality rates at high elevations.

Here in Cusco there have been 3 fatalities attributed to Covid-19 to date but there is growing concern that the underlying infection rate is set to increase. Time will tell.

Stay safe.

Message to Otto:

Dear Otto, please stop making fun of Peruvian Economists now:


After the official graduation ceremony at UNSAAC, Peru's newest economist!!!

And another thing, lentils? You take the day off and that’s the best you can think of šŸ˜‰

All kidding aside, I’m very proud of my mamacita, this past Friday she walked in the official graduation ceremony at the Facultad de Economia at UNSAAC, the major university here in Cuzco. Studying economics at the Universidad Nacional San Antionio Abad de Cuzco (UNSAAC) is very intense and academic, and she did great. Mamacita finished her studies nearly 3 years ago but with baby and thesis her graduation was put on the back burner so to speak.

Felicitaciones Mamacita linda!!!

Reunion de compaƱeros de la UNSAAC

Despues de casi 9 aƱos mis compaƱeros de codigo de la Facultad de Economia nos reunimos para revivir buenos momentos de la epoca universitaria, muchos de ellos ya tienen trabajos, planes de formar sus propias familias (claro yo fui una de las primeras en haber empezado con lo de la familia…), algunos de ellos ganaron algunos kilitos de mas y otros estan teniendo un futuro por delante en paises del exterior. La reunion empezo a las 7:30pm, pero como buenos peruanos todos llegamos tarde, el reencuentro se llevo a cabo en un karaoke llamado Milenium, segun yo el lugar estaria vacio pero me lleve con la sorpresa que en el local este ya no entraba ni un alfiler…al llegar, algunos de mis compaƱeros ya estaban en el lugar deleitando a los presentes con sus mejores voces, despues de oir esto mis planes de cantar se fueron al tacho, porque me tope con muchos cantantes frustrados.

Lamentablemente, no todos los de mi codigo asistieron a la reunion, pero se logro convocar a 15. Fueron momentos agradables ya que todos hablabamos de las cosas que hicimos de “cachimbos” y en los aƱos posteriores…ahora, los planes son realizar otro encuentro de codigo para fines del 2009, pero con mas asistentes….

Con los compaƱeritos

Con los compaƱeritos

Mi querida Helvi deleitandonos con su voz

Mi querida Helvi deleitandonos con su voz

Sonrian chicas

Sonrian chicas

Patricia was in Choquequirao

Hello there,

My class of “Autores” decided to go to lovely Choquequirao, which is one of the last places where the Inkas lived. We left Cusco on Thursday night around 8pm and we arrived to Ramadal around 11pm. We had to get all our stuff and start walking down to Cachora for around 3 hours, then we camped there in the middle of the main square. Early in the morning we got ready to start our trekking of 32 km to Choquequirao. The whole trip was terrible because my friends and I were always the last group to arrive to the points where we were supposed to rest. Also, I got bunch of mosquitos bites everywhere, I spent more money just on water and I also started to drink water from the springs, which was the yummiest water I have ever drunk. I can’t tell everything that I went thru on this trip, but at the end it turned out to be cool. I even miss the place, but I doubt I will go back to Choquequirao again…


what’s new and exciting??

Hello people:

Nothing is new and exciting here in Cusco. I am in my last semester if I can say that because next semester I’m just going to do my intership…I’m really ready to finish my studies and start working as soon as possible because my lovely husband doesn’t want to buy me nothing. He says if we can’t eat it we won’t buy it.

Two weeks ago Ward and I went to one of my friends wedding, we were late for the ceremony but we were on time for the reception party. Ward was trying to shake his booty but I think he needs to take some dance lessons even if he says he is good on the dance floor…hahahaha….

On the other hand we are planning to travel to Bolivia so Ward can get his peruvian visa, we don’t know exactly when are we going, but I think it will be a nice trip.

By the way I uploaded some pictures, one is when one of my fans decide to put a billboard up with my picture, another one is when Ward was dancing at the wedding.

Novedades desde la tierra del sol

Hola a todos:

Ward y yo estamos tratando de seguir adelante, claro que con un poco mas de esfuerzo de parte mia seguramente lo lograremos, ahora estamos tratando de crear una agencia de turismo, y ojala salga bien… mis dos perros estan igual que siempre, ladrando a todos aquellos que pasan por nuestra casa, en la universidad todo me va bien gracias a que tengo unas muy buenas amigas, estas dos semanas seran bien tragicas para mi ya que estamos en examenes finales y tenemos tres trabajos que hacer los cuales son notas para los examenes….ah tambien estoy en busca de trabajo, haber si saben de algo y me pasan la voz …