And that was before the party really got started…

Brianna’s second birthday party…

Birthdays are a big deal here in Peru. Brianna’s birthday was actually on June 20, but since I was away at the time we decided to have her party last Sunday. The video was taken before about half of the guests arrived, since somebody forgot to charge the camera’s battery the camera died on us before the party really got started 😦

The party was a blast. I think there were about 10 or 12 kids and 30 or so adults. The clown did a great job entertaining both the kids and adults, ending in a fun “hora loca” (crazy hour). Of course we had surprises, balloons and a piñata for the kids, the mandatory “pollo la brasa” (rotisserie chicken), a bunch of “bocaditos” (snacks) and a yummie cake!

Mamacita worked hard all week to prepare for the party. Next year we’re just doing something simple at the house… but then again, that’s what we said last year too 🙂

Primer cumple de mi wawa

Birthdays are big here in Peru, and our baby’s first birthday was no exception. Our little Brianna Nayaraq had a huge first birthday party, complete with balloons, a clown, a piñata and of course cake, snacks and pollo la brasa.

Peruvian wedding

Patricia’s friend Helvi got married yesterday, here are some pictures from the wedding:

Weddings in Peru are fun, of course, with food, drinks, and lots of family and friends. Helvi’s wedding was at a rural resort about 45 minutes outside of Cusco, the “Trinidad Resort Hotel”, a converted textile factory in Lucre. I really enjoyed the outdoor setting. There were also entertainers, which explains the masks and balloons 😉

Despite the mix of champagne, Pisco Sour, cerveza, vino and whiskey, I behaved reasonably well – until the DJ put on rock ‘n roll music.

You have to understand… I like the Latin music that is typically played at weddings and parties in Peru, but I’m a nut when it comes to rock ‘n roll. Due to the – ahem – state Patricia is in, she wisely chose not to dance rock ‘n roll with me (or maybe she doesn’t like how I dance?), so I made a big scene with the bride. I figured as the only gringo at the entire party, I had to dance to gringo music!

“Many dreams come true, and some have silver lining
I live for my dream, and a pocket full of gold”

(from Led Zeppelin, “Over the hills and far away”)

The wedding was great, all the best to Helvi y Fitzgerald!!!