Changing perspectives

I had a great trip to the US, but cut it short. I missed Peru. I’m very fortunate to have great friends: I spent 10 days in 3 different States, everywhere I went my friends wanted me to stay longer.

I got a sunburn in Ohio – but it was great to see our friends there.

I had a loooooong layover in Miami, so I decided to take a bus in town and go shopping for baby clothes. Years ago I wouldn’t have been so keen to take public busses in Miami, but having spent time in Peru my perspective totally changed. These busses are nice! Big, roomy, with air conditioning and access for the disabled. The drivers actually obey traffic rules!!! There are nice little maps by the bus stop that show the bus routes and schedules.

Whoever is in charge of public transportation in Miami, please move down to Peru and straighten out the mess that passes for public transportation here!