Could I still do a 5-year old’s homework without Google?

How times change.  A while back I wrote about flying to Mexico without GPS.  Not that long ago, GPS didn’t exist.  Now, I found other pilots along the way who could barely comprehend that I would even attempt flying that far without a GPS.

GPS and Google have a lot in common: we now rely on them without fail for simple tasks that not too long ago we used to do perfectly well on our own.

Like a 5 year old’s homework.

Mamacita linda came into my office yesterday: “Type this in Google!” It was Brianna’s homework. I started to type the text in Google but no answers came up. That made me happy on 2 fronts: I like that her teacher uses homework that isn’t swiped from Google and I like to believe that there are still answers in this world that aren’t found on Google. I have to admit, at first I couldn’t figure out the homework but after sleeping on it I now think I have the answer.

Here it is, can you figure out the answer?


Adivina adivinador
al inicio de ula ula
al final de Malú
en medio de día
a los costados en asa
y dos veces en estrella
a que no adivinas quienes somos

(adorna creativamente)

A 5 year old’s homework from Cusco. Let me know if you figure it out. I have an idea but until Monday I won’t know for sure 🙂