Proud Peruvian?

Patricia’s status on Facebook:

Porque sera que para volvernos Fans de nuestro Peru o decir me siento orgullosa(o) de ser Peruana(o) tenemos que irnos a vivir a otros paises…si no me creen solo lean algunos comentarios del enlace A que Peru puede tener 1 millon de fans antes que otro pais

un ejemplo: El Peru es lo maximo…saludos desde Miami …

So true, and also so sad. Many Peruvians just want to leave their country, “si o si quiero salir del pais” as they say. Unfortunately it is often the young, the educated, and the ambitious who end up leaving the country, exactly the kind of people who would be able to make Peru a better place.

Many Peruvians leave and then become the proudest advocates of Pisco, Ceviche and Machu Picchu….

UPDATE 2/15/2010: Ben shares the same idea in an unrelated post about Pedro Suarez Vertiz:

“… It’s a song about how truly awesome Peru is and even though many people have been deluded by bullshit hollywood or whatever to think they have a brighter future elsewhere…it’s only when Peruvians go abroad that they truly realize how great things are back at home …”