Critics march against Chavez…

Read the rubbish from AP on the front page of Yahoo!

Critics march against Chavez

Critics march against Chavez

English language media coverage of Latin America is such a joke. Have a handful of people turn out in an anti-Chavez demonstration led by none other than Roberto Micheletti, right-wing leader of a military coup, and it makes the front page of Yahoo! Never mind Hugo Chavez’ approval rating is higher than, you know, that of the leader of the free world.

Ever read about Hugo Chavez’ approval rating in the media? Or about Evo Morales re-election prospects? Or about the massive anti-Micheletti sentiment in Honduras?

The truth is Hugo and Evo are hugely popular in Latin America because they’re good for Latin America – or at least, exponentially better than the alternative. But you wouldn’t know by reading English language media.