Rosenberry Family Scholarship

The little coincidences in life intrigue me. The story of how I ended up in Cuzco, Peru, is filled with little coincidences. A seemingly trivial decision can change a person’s life. One of those decisions was that a family in NC chose Patricia years ago to be their au-pair, to take care of their 2 young children. They could have chosen anyone, but they chose Patricia. This was of course the reason why Patricia and I met, and we now we have a family of our own.

We have stayed in touch with Patricia’s former host family and they are the reason for this page. Sadly, bad things happen in this world and they happen to good people. Patricia’s former host family has been so unfortunate as to have battled cancer not just in one but in two members of their wonderful family.

The Rosenberry family has recently set up a scholarship fund to honor Jill and Brenda. I have pasted below the information from The Columbus Foundation (also found here).

Dear Friends and Family of Jim, Brenda, James and Jill,

We have established The Rosenberry Scholarship Fund at The Columbus Foundation to honor Jill and Brenda as they continue to display such strength during their fights against cancer. This scholarship is to benefit St. Joseph Montessori School children who have/had a parent and/or primary guardian with a life threatening illness or life altering condition such as cancer. St. Joseph Montessori community provides a level of support and stability for the child and the family and therefore reinforces the need for this scholarship. It is our goal to have this fund reach above the $10,000.00 so we can use this money to help St. Joseph Montessori families like the Rosenberry’s. If you’d like to contribute to the Rosenberry Family Scholarship Fund via credit card go to:

and be sure to fill in the fund name: ROSENBERRY FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP FUND or make checks payable to The Rosenberry Family Scholarship Fund and send to:

The Columbus Foundation
1234 East Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio 43205

All gifts are tax deductible.

Thank you for considering this worthy cause.

Michelle Getz
Kathy Koehler
Jill’s current teachers
James’ former teachers

Contact information:

2 thoughts on “Rosenberry Family Scholarship

  1. This Is Brenda’s Mother and I just found this posting by accident in looking for sometjhing else. I do contribute to this fund everysince Brenda’s death in June of 2011. I think this is quite awesome that there is this web site.

    Linda G. Warthman

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